1. The Songs of Steve Dalachinsky
    Scott Fields Ensemble

  2. ICI
    Marc Ducret

  3. Perpetual Motion
    Satoko Fujii & Otomo Yoshihide

  4. Sequence XI (Single)
    Derviche (Brochard & Favriou)

  5. Hymne d'automne
    Cécile Cappozzo Quintet

  6. Arashiyama
    Lila Bazooka

  7. Silence was pleased
    Didier Lasserre

  8. Slow Cascade of Tears (2022 Remix)
    Pinkish Black & Yells At Eels

  9. Loving Highsmith
    Noël Akchoté

  10. Murs absurdes
    Derviche (Brochard & Favriou)

  11. Sequence XII (Murs absurdes digital Bonus Track)
    Derviche (Brochard & Favriou)

  12. Départementale 985
    Golden Retrieval

  13. At Souillac en Jazz
    Joëlle Léandre

  14. L'amour
    X. Charles/C. Jauniaux/J.S. Mariage

  15. Nights Enter
    Dennis González Ataraxia Trio+2

  16. Baptiste Boiron

  17. Neigen

  18. Glowing Life
    Sylvaine Hélary

  19. Derviche
    Brochard & Favriou

  20. Vanishing Light in the Tunnel of Dreams
    Pinkish Black & Yells At Eels

  21. Time Elleipsis
    Frederick Galiay

  22. Lady M
    Marc Ducret

  23. Boko Boko Tour
    Killing Spree

  24. Barclay
    Scott Fields Ensemble

  25. Ikui Doki
    Ikui Doki

  26. Sub rosa
    Cécile Cappozzo Trio

  27. Chez Hélène
    Joëlle Léandre & Marc Ducret

  28. Zèbres
    David Chevallier & Valentin Ceccaldi

  29. Jericho Sinfonia
    Christophe Monniot

  30. Vernacular Avant-garde
    Peter Bruun's All Too Human

  31. Garden(s)
    Daunik Lazro, Jean-Luc Cappozzo & Didier Lasserre

  32. Bambú
    Alexandra Grimal, Valentin Ceccaldi & Benjamin Duboc

  33. Le Miroir des Ondes
    Michel Blanc

  34. Can You Hear Me?
    Joëlle Léandre

  35. Never Mind The Future
    Sarah Murcia

  36. Métatonal
    Marc Ducret Trio+3

  37. Quatuor Machaut
    Quatuor Machaut

  38. Spring Roll | Printemps
    Sylvaine Hélary

  39. Killing Spree
    Matthieu Metzger, Sylvain Daniel & Grégoire Galichet

  40. Chergui
    Giovanni di Domenico & Alexandra Grimal

  41. Tower-Bridge
    Marc Ducret

  42. La Scala
    Roberto Negro, Adrien Chennebault, Valentin Ceccaldi & Théo Ceccaldi

  43. 3
    Joëlle Léandre & Pascal Contet

  44. Can You Smile?
    Théo Ceccaldi Trio + Joëlle Léandre

  45. Everything is in the instructions
    Scott Fields & Jeffrey Lependorf

  46. Live in Madison
    Luís Lopes' Humanization 4tet

  47. Colorado at Clinton
    Dennis González Yells At Eels + Aakash Mittal

  48. Tower, vol.4
    Marc Ducret

  49. Tower, vol.3
    Marc Ducret

  50. Tower, vol.2
    Marc Ducret

  51. Tower, vol.1
    Marc Ducret

  52. SelfCooking
    Matthieu Metzger

  53. Air Prints
    Jean-Luc Cappozzo & Géraldine Keller

  54. Why Waste Time
    Sleeping in Vilna

  55. Carrousel
    Théo Ceccaldi Trio

  56. Acid Rain

  57. Andromeda
    Alexandra Grimal

  58. Can't Stop Snusing
    Niklas Barnö, Joel Grip & Didier Lasserre

  59. Resurrection and Life
    Dennis González Yells At Eels + Alvin Fielder

  60. Live at Vision Festival
    Stone Quartet

  61. Innen
    Szilárd Mezei Wind Quartet

  62. Primare Cantus
    Benjamin Duboc

  63. Some Other Zongs
    Daunik Lazro

  64. Støj
    Mark O'Leary, Stefan Pasborg & Peter Friis-Nielsen

  65. Double Action
    Eric Zinman & Laurence Cook

  66. Entrance 3
    François Carrier Trio+1

  67. Set Theory
    Joe Morris / Louie Belogenis / Charles Downs

  68. Electricity
    Luís Lopes' Humanization 4tet

  69. Lost Transitions
    Zed Trio

  70. Cape of Storms
    Dennis González Yells At Eels + Louis Moholo-Moholo

  71. To The Moon
    Jean-Marc Foltz, Matt Turner & Bill Carrothers

  72. Last Seen Headed, Live at Sons d'Hiver
    Joëlle Léandre, François Houle & Raymond Strid

  73. Two Nights in April

  74. Ballades
    Free Unfold Trio

  75. Snus
    Niklas Barnö, Joel Grip & Didier Lasserre

  76. Symphony for Old and New Dimensions

  77. The Great Bydgoszcz Concert
    Dennis González Yells At Eels + Rodrigo Amado

  78. Ode to Albert Ayler
    Mark O'Leary & Sunny Murray

  79. Creative Addition
    Bengt Frippe Nordström

  80. Live at Glenn Miller Café
    Anders Gahnold Trio

  81. Two in NYC
    Arthur Rhames & Charles Telerant

  82. Unified Fields
    New Language Collaborative

  83. Wakte Oglaka
    Rechtern / Zinman / Wang / Cook

  84. Secondary Deviations
    Jacob William Quartet

  85. Life and Death
    Hoots and Roots

  86. Live at l'Atelier Tampon
    Didier Lasserre Trio

  87. Spirit of St. Louis
    Luther Thomas & John Lindberg

  88. Brotherly Love In Philadelphia
    Jair-Rohm Parker Wells Trio

  89. Places

  90. In Side
    Bennani, Duboc & Lasserre

  91. Frippe’s Protocol
    Bengt Frippe Nordström

  92. Correction
    Bergström / Nyberg / Åstrand-melin

  93. Live at Glenn Miller Café
    Stephen Gauci’s Stockholm Conference

  94. The Great Vision Concert
    Fred Anderson & Harrison Bankhead

  95. There Starts the Future
    Abdelhaï Bennani Trio

  96. In The Shaman’s Pocket

  97. Ode to a Dying Planet
    Marc Edwards & Slipstream Time Travel

  98. Live at Crescendo
    By Any Means (Ali/Gayle/Parker)

  99. Live at Glenn Miller Café
    Gyldene Trion

  100. Antioch
    Frode Gjerstad, Kevin Norton & Paul Rogers

  101. Television
    Mark O'Leary & Han Bennink

  102. The Last Dances
    Anders Gahnold, William Parker & Hamid Drake

  103. A Sound Sight
    Frode Gjerstad Trio

  104. Trane to Taube
    Tommy Koverhult Trio

  105. The Åhus Concert
    Niels Jørgen Steen’s Beatkapell

  106. As You
    Szilárd Mezei

  107. Dances
    New Generation Quartet

  108. Live at White Elephant
    Michal Osowski Collective

  109. Herakleitos

  110. Northern Lights Blues
    Rune Larsen & Adam Nordin

  111. Live at Glenn Miller Café
    Luther Thomas' Meditations on Albert Ayler

  112. Williamsburg Sessions II
    Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut

  113. The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse

  114. The Flow
    Joe Morris / Louie Belogenis / Charles Downs

  115. At Your Service
    Exploding Customer

  116. Plays Albert Ayler
    Zero Point

  117. Live at Olympic Café & Jazz à Mulhouse
    The Fish

  118. Elementary Dialogues
    Eyal Maoz & Asaf Sirkis

  119. Carameluia
    Pandelis Karayorgis Trio

  120. Busking in Christiania
    Luther Thomas & Rune Larsen

  121. Live at Glenn Miller Café
    Martin Küchen Trio

  122. Noh
    François Carrier Quartet

  123. Unclouded Day
    Michel Lambert

  124. Live at Tampere Jazz Happening
    Exploding Customer

  125. Live at Glenn Miller Café
    The Electrics

  126. Live at Knitting Factory
    Sonny Simmons Trio

  127. Finally! Total Unity In 3 Phases
    Luther Thomas

  128. Live at the Bowery Poetry Club
    Steve Swell’s Nation Of We

  129. Possibilities
    Joel Futterman

  130. The Other Side
    Frode Gjerstad Trio

  131. Dreamstuff
    Jeff Marx & Jeff “Siege” Siegel

  132. Live at Airegin
    Heinz Geisser & Guerino Mazzola

  133. Allemansratten
    Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut

  134. Live at Glenn Miller Café
    Charles Gayle Trio

  135. Hotzen Session
    Tom Heurich Trio

  136. This Is The Music Of Life
    Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut

  137. Labyrinths
    Copperhead Trio

  138. No School
    No School

  139. Live at Glenn Miller Café

  140. Live at the Kerava Jazz Festival
    Henry Grimes Trio

  141. Live at Glenn Miller Café
    Lars-Göran Ulander Trio

  142. Live at Glenn Miller Café

  143. Help is on its way

  144. Live at Vision Festival

  145. The Stockholm Tapes
    Per Henrik Wallin Trio

  146. Ithem
    Michael Marcus Trio

  147. Remember Trane and Bird
    The Dynamic Duo (Rashied Ali & Arthur Rhames)

  148. Free Jam
    Mongezi Feza

  149. The box set (Highlights digital edition)
    Jimmy Lyons

  150. Live at Glenn Miller Café
    Jemeel Moondoc Trio

  151. Live at Glenn Miller Café
    Exploding Customer

  152. Live at The Plough
    John Stevens Trio

  153. Jus Grew Orchestra at Vision Festival
    Jemeel Moondoc Tentet

  154. The Environmental Control Office
    Bengt Frippe Nordström

  155. Traque
    Return Of The New Thing

  156. ... and William Danced
    William Parker Trio

  157. Chain Of Accidents
    The Electrics

  158. Soul Bodies, vol.2
    Hamid Drake & Assif Tsahar

  159. Flowers for Johnny
    Anders Gahnold Trio

  160. Soul Bodies, vol.1
    Hamid Drake & Assif Tsahar

  161. Live at Glenn Miller Café
    Janson, Kullhammar & Nilssen-Love

  162. Live at Nefertiti
    Peter Brötzmann

  163. Live at Glenn Miller Café
    Arthur Doyle & Sunny Murray

  164. Live at the Unity Temple
    Noah Howard Quartet


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Founded in 2000 in Sweden, Ayler Records has gained recognition among Free Jazz fans by releasing both archive and contemporary recordings documenting the American, Scandinavian and French Free Jazz scenes.

In 2009, Ayler Records moved to France and has since opened the catalogue to recordings in less direct relationship with the Free Jazz canon, while remaining faithful to its original spirit.
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